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I’m a bit late e-mailing you about this, but we’ve been a little hectic the last couple of weeks. We just wanted to thank you so much for hiring Lenise Willis as your new drama columnist. She attended our 2011-2012 Season Announcement at the beginning of February and was able to finally meet Preston Lane in person. He absolutely loved her and is nothing but thankful that we finally have someone interested in the Arts in Greensboro. He wanted to know what she thought of every show we announced and if she was going to be here next year to see them! She’s definitely making a difference on our end, we hear about YES! Weekly all the time in the box office now. We fully believe her article on Paper Lantern’s performance of End Days in the Cabaret was instrumental in the last week of the run being completely sold out. Everyone was talking about her article! I can’t wait to see what she does with Billy Bishop Goes to War. She was able to meet the director, Bryan Conger, at the season announcement event and they hit it off really well. Bryan and the actors are looking forward to talking to her. Again, I just want to say thank you so much, Lenise is a delight to work with! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Megan E. Mabry, Greensboro Ed. note: Mabry is the publicity and marketing assistant at Triad Stage.


The more and more I hear about funding being cut in various areas of social programs and services, the more frustrated I become. When I heard about Republicans wanting to redefine rape to limit government funded abortion, I was beside myself with anger. Chris Smith, a Republican representative from New Jersey, introduced last month what he thought would be a solution for taxpayers who are unwilling to help support those that have been raped. As framed in the bill, statutory and date rape would not be considered actual rape. These victims would not be allowed the medical procedure provided with government money. I don’t agree with this new determination of what is or is not rape. Rape is rape, no matter how exactly that individual has been violated. I hope the women of Greensboro, and men for that matter, read this and voice their opinions to those that make decisions like these that could affect our sisters, daughters and mothers.

Danielle Dilday, Greensboro