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I recently assisted with the homeless persons point in time count.

In an ordinance of HUD we went around trying to collect two pages worth of data from as many homeless people that would comply. One result that came back was my dismay and frustration with how many replied, “If it doesn’t help me directly I don’ want to take it.” I was crushed at how many people did not care about their community. I realized instantly that it is because they feel their community does not care about them. My mind went racing arguing back and forth with itself. “How can they think their community doesn’t care about them when they are eating their free lunch in a nice heated dining room?” (Greensboro Urban Ministries’ Potters House). So for those of you who do care about our Greensboro community, I ask you is there more we should be doing to include our homeless population? If so what will it take to have the care from the community to turn into their care about the community?

Natalie Sloane, Greensboro


These new laws governing downtown are not really going to do any good to solve the crime problem. They are implemented to give the patrons of downtown and many other areas throughout this city a false sense of security. It is clearly another overreaction by the city council to do something so they will look good in the eyes of their supporters and those businessmen and women who contribute large sums of monies to their re-election campaigns. If laws were all it took to make any community safe, the crime rate in downtown and other areas of the city would be zero. Every time some terrible crime in committed, the city council goes into overreaction mode thinking they have to enact another useless law which is not going to do one bit of good to make this city safer. Considering the vast majority of city council men and women live in lucrative areas of Greensboro and have relatively low crime rates, they are not truly equipped to know what it is like to experience crime on a daily basis. My point is that until these city council men and women experience what the vast majority of us has experience on a daily basis, they should stop overreacting to every little thing that happens.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro