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Mr. Longworth I appreciate your concerns for animals [“Vicks transformation is a sham”; Feb. 23, 2011; by Jim Longworth], however I would be more impressed if you had concern and passion for the approximately 3,500 human babies who are executed in the womb every working day in this country. Oops I forgot — that’s woman’s “choice.” Too bad the baby’s only choice is to die.

Larry Allgood, Greensboro


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your piece on your recent trip to New Orleans and the visit to Aidan Gill For Men [“In the Shaving Room”; March 2, 2011; by Brian Clarey]. The description of the process of the shave was magnificent as the reader could almost see the tools and feel the warmth of the towels.

I have never had the pleasure of being in New Orleans but from your description of the sounds, sites and past memories it make me want to make the trip.

Wanda Smith, Greensboro


It is unconscionable that the North Carolina Board of Elections would require the Forsyth County taxpayers to pay for elections and give the oversight for properly running elections to a three-member local citizens board. Approved by the state. Additionally, Director of the Forsyth County Elections Board Rob Coffman and his staff are paid by the Forsyth County taxpayers. Nevertheless, no county official has any supervisory responsibility for neither the office nor the person who decides who will run the county elections. This mammoth responsibility rests with three Forsyth County citizens (Chair Linda Sutton, Jerry Jordan and Frank Dickerson). This same office and director decide whom our local, state and national leaders will be. The checks and balances are missing.

To add insult to injury, the three-member board only uses a Band-Aid approach to correct mistakes and/or improprieties that are reported to them. When the same irregularities are reported to the State Board of Elections, they purport to do an investigation, but find no fault. The local and state boards are just like the cast of characters in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” All of the mistakes and improprieties are invisible to them. If they see the mess, it means they are stupid and incompetent. The reverse is true. That is why it is crucial for Pam Johnson, Terry Cox, JoAnne Allen, Gardenia Henley and others to keep speaking out like the boy in the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” The boy, who had no important job, caused everybody to face the truth when he kept saying the emperor was naked. He didn’t have on any clothes. If these people keep speaking the truth, the results hopefully will be that Coffman, the state and local boards of elections will be like the emperor. They will be exposed.

Beaufort Bailey, Winston-Salem The writer is a former Forsyth County commissioner.