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Greensboro City Councilman Danny Thompson truly believes the citizens of Greensboro should not give our hard-earned monies to the panhandlers. But he, the city and the rest of the city council are the biggest panhandlers of them all. Considering they spend our monies on things that will benefit their particular districts rather than the entire city of Greensboro as a whole, perhaps it is time for a change once again on the city council; this city council seems to be the worst yet in managing taxpayers dollars. As long as I earn my money, I will spend it any way I like whether Danny Thompson or anyone else on this dysfunctional city council likes it or not, as long as I am paying my fair share of taxes. In addition, many of these so-called panhandlers have served their country at war, which is probably a lot more than most of these city council members have done for their country. If these panhandlers who have served their country at war for this country need a helping hand and the government will not help them out, this man will gladly help them out if I have the monies to do so. These ordinances benefit the city and not the citizens to take away from the citizens and give to the city while the city gives us very little in return. I guess you could say it is a way of raising taxes without truly saying that you are going to raise taxes.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro