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Thanks for featuring me in your Local Talent section today [March 30; 2011]! Christian Bryant did a great job and was so easy to work with!!

Many thanks! See you around town.

Joy Reavis, Greensboro


There have been many promotions within the Greensboro Police Department, which are questionable at best. If the police chief cannot promote police officers based on their merits, their ability to do the job and their hard work and abilities to do the job, perhaps it is time to repost the police chief position. This city has been through so much turmoil over the past few years due to certain police officers claiming they have been discriminated against because of their race. Race had very little to do with them being promoted even though they proclaim they were singled out because of their race alone, which has turned out to be not the case considering their lawsuits have consistently been thrown out of court for lack of concrete evidence. It was associating with certain groups of people that got these officers into trouble in the first place; when they knew they were not supposed to be not doing it has everything to do with it. It is times bring back respect back to a city, which has seen its fair share of heartbreak and demote or terminate those officers who continue to serve themselves rather than the people they are sworn to protect.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro