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You are right: Employment, education and budget issues may be more important but in response to your editorial[“Drink drink, bang bang”; April 6. 2011], if the bill passes you will be able to go into a restaurant with a handgun but still will NOT be able to drink any alcohol while in possession of a concealed weapon. That will not change. And just to let you in on a big secret: Cigarettes have killed way more people than accidental shootings, and to say the Triad and other NC cities don’t have crime or violence problems is absolutely crazy! Tell that to the thousands of people who have been robbed or assaulted and the families of people murdered in NC cities in the past. We have had murders in parks also.

Most crimes are committed with illegally owned guns, so if the laws we have now are enforced maybe there wouldn’t be a need to carry a concealed firearm. Criminals don’t have to go through training and classwork to carry guns; that’s why they’re criminals.

I have carried one for 10 years and I have never endangered anyone’s life! I feel I am protecting my family’s life in case some criminal is thinking of making me or my family one of those statistics. So if I can help it by carrying something that might save my or my family’s life then I’m going to exercise that right!

There are cases where concealed carry permit holders have saved lives in RESTAURANTS… so God forbid that if you are ever caught in a situation in a restaurant or park that a gun might save you or your family’s life you might hope a concealed-carry weapon holder is around who could save your life.

Love your magazine keep up the good work.

Tony Young, Jamestown