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Thank you so much for your sponsorship, support and patronage of the Carolina Blues Festival. And huge thanks for suggesting Richard Johnston. He was the hit of the party. I have never seen a longer line at the meet the artist table ever than when Richard was there. We’re so grateful for our partnership with YES! Weekly.

John Amberg, festival chairman/trustee, 25 th annual Carolina Blues Festival

Charles, Thank you for being a part of Merlefest this year. We truly appreciate your support. I’m sorry that we did not get a chance to meet during the festival but it has been a pleasure working with you these past few months. It was a great festival — I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m looking forward to working with you as we prepare for Merlefest 25.

Mickey Jennings, sponsorship specialist, MerleFest

Thanks so much for the mention in this week’s YES!

Weekly publication [“Digesting the best of Winston-Salem”; May 4, 2011; by Brian Clarey]! I’m so glad that you had a chance to stop in and enjoy a Chicago dog!

Keep up the great work at the magazine and best of luck with your new book!!

Mike Rothman, Skippy’s

I enjoyed your well written Merlefest review today [“Merlefest 24 in review”;. May 4, 2011; by Ryan Snyder]. You give a fine account of the many shows and artists involved, I wish I could have seen more but we were limited to one day.

Thanks for the kind words about Ranford, we really appreciate it. You made a great observation — he often seems ho hum about the attention. I often wonder myself how he remains so calm and collected but I guess that´s just his personality. He is a cool little guy, we’re lucky.

David Almond, Ranford

Thank you for haven written such a nice article regarding TG Sheppard [“A pop-country balladeer brings country back to the country”; Nov. 21, 2006; by Jordan Green]!

I am a big fan of the song “Solitary Man.” It was released probably on the album Motels & Memories. Since many years I am trying to find this song. I failed as well getting it at a very good music store in Calgary, Alberta. Can you help me? Did this song ever appear on a CD? I cannot even find the vinyl version.

I appreciate your advice. This song means so much to me.

Very kind regards from a fan in Germany. Joerg Vogt, Germany