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I do not know if your reporting style is a result of a bias against the establishment or regular newspaper reporting styles are a result of a bias for the establishment but I like the difference. I was riveted as I normally wouldn’t be by your account of the Latin Kings in the courthouse [“Tense standoff follows conviction of Latin King leader”; May 18, 2011; by Jordan Green]. It gave me a sense of reality that the newspapers dry reporting wouldn’t. I don’t praise your bias, if any, but I do praise your style. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing even if the establishment’s point of view is taken. I like the writing style.

Tony Tamer, Winston-Salem


Guilford County commissioners claim they only control how much money Guilford County Schools receives and not how they spend it.

The simple fact is that he (or she) who has the gold makes the rules.

It may be within the power of the commissioners to dole out GCS funding on a six-month or even quarterly basis.

If GCS redirects some of their allotted sum in Q1 of 2012, the county withholds the involved funds for Q2.

When GCS stops misdirecting funds from their intended programs, the flow of gold will be restored.

This will be a powerful tool in the commissioners’ hands to ensure that taxpayer money is spent on teachers and TAs instead of swimming pools and bowling lessons.

Michael Norbury, Greensboro


With the state of North Carolina facing billion-dollar deficits, it seems like our leaders in Raleigh would want to evaluate every financial policy. Our statewide lottery needs a closer evaluation and perhaps to be repealed by the General Assembly. Since we live in the Bible Belt I am taking it for granted that many Christians are opposed and many supportive of our state lottery system.

Here are a few reasons why the Christian community should view our state’s gambling system with suspicion. First, God presents work as the normal way to earn money in order to support our families (Eph. 4:28; II Thess. 3:12). All of our incomes belong to God, rather than ourselves, and we are only caretakers of all that God has allowed us to earn. It is God’s plan to use money or the lack of money to accomplish a few things within us. First, the blessing of more money earned allows us to help others in a genuine way. My gift to others comes from the work from my own hands rather than the hard work of others (i.e. giving lottery money to the church is giving away other people’s money rather than what you have earned). Next, greed and covetousness are basic motives in gambling (Exodus 20:18, Hebrews 13:5). These sins, like all sins, are to be avoided.

Our state’s lottery system, then, generates these devastating qualities in our citizenship and promotes a get-rich-quick attitude which harms the overall economy. Also, the Bible teaches that wealth gained the wrong way breaks up families rather than unites them (Proverbs 15:27). It is also disastrous for people to develop an impatient, get-rich-quick attitude (Proverbs 28:20,22).

Our state’s gambling laws produce disgruntled people who would rather play the lottery than work. As a result higher unemployment, higher welfare population and higher taxes follow, as well as the criminal activity that is perhaps generated in some areas.

The lottery system needs to be repealed and eliminated from our Bible Belt state. And remember: Every time you see or hear a prolottery commercial about someone who won the lottery or obtained an educational scholarship, we fail to hear about the multiple families that broke up over impulsive, greedy gambling habits that caused mountains of debt and family pressure.

Sid Stewart, Trinity