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I am a lifelong baseball fan and enjoy the sports trivia section of YES! Weekly. Therefore, I gotta say… in the June 22-28 edition, one of the questions was about major league MVPs who went on the manage in the big leagues and the answers were listed as Don Baylor, Ken Boyer, Frank Robinson, Pete Rose, Joe Torre and Maury Wills. However, the very best player (though not the best manager) was left out. Ted Williams was a 2 time MVP and he also managed the Senators and Rangers. Couldn’t let that go. I enjoy the publication.

Eddie Waddell, Winston-Salem


Hi Jordan, It is so unfortunate that you refer to the Farmer Community Collaborative as “large scale farmers” in your recent blog. This is a clear misrepresentation of our farmers, negatively implying that they are commercial. So sad to see the propaganda flying as the other group is not getting their way.

From what I heard at the last city council meeting, council does NOT want to give management of the market to either group. I know that the GFM, Inc is used to applying pressure to get their way but it is not working.

Ruth Foster

To: Mayor and City Council of Greensboro I am writing to encourage the council to follow through with the process that began a year ago to provide leadership, direction and management for the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. I and many others have been quiet on this matter as we worked to put together a proposal that would build on the history of this Greensboro landmark, a proposal that would provide open, competent management and bring together all parties that share the values this market represents. I thought that sheer competence would prevail; however, I underestimated the damage that can be done by misinformation, yellow journalism and lies. Having watched the council meeting the other night, one would have thought that civil war had broken out on Yanceyville Street. I can assure you that this is not the case. There is an extremely small, yet vocal group that seeks to either make the market a resale market or maintain the status quo, which is to say, keep enough turmoil and gridlock engaged to allow them to continue violating rules.

By any measure, I am a real farmer. I farm 450 acres in Rockingham County. I do not farm in Guildford County. yet 95 percent of my sales occur here. About 30 percent of my sales occur at the Curb Market. Last year I donated $6,500 of eggs to the Urban Ministry and the Lords House of Prayer. I sell to many of the restaurants you frequent. I have developed many customers and friendships and am a part of this community. I grow everything I sell as can be attested to by the many chefs I sell to that have visited the farm, as you can attest to if you are so inclined. Farming is my profession and has been all my life. I graduated from NC State University with an agriculture degree and taught agriculture for 5 years. I am not a gardener, hippie or yippy although I am proud to call a number of them friends. I am a farmer period.

That being said, I am not so ignorant as to believe the Curb Market exists solely for me to make a living. By definition, a market requires a vendor and a customer, without both a market does not exist. In our proposal, we sought to bring both to the table to maintain and build on the things that we as farmers sought out in this market and the values our customers sought in this market. Nothing more, nothing less. All the rest has been misdirection, misinformation and, excuse me, crap. Being

a meat and egg vendor, I know crap when I see and/or smell it. Having read and listened to things being said about this issue, I have to call BS! I personally believe that the council has seen its share of straw men and red herrings and in the end will see this business of kicking people out as both. There need to be rules, the rules need to enforced, the same for one as another. It’s that simple. I do not know of a single vendor who wants to throw anyone out or that should be thrown out. We all agree on a set of rules that keeps the vendors and customers in mind, an open, representative group of vendors and customers to enforce them and this market will continue to thrive and grow.

I urge you to follow the recommendations presented to you, by those appointed by you and allow the Greensboro Farmers’ Market, Inc. to get on with the task of herding this bunch of cats into a cohesive and effective market that will continue to be an asset to the entire community. Thank you.

Garland McCollum, Massey Creek Farms, Madison


I quote: “I once again call upon Congress and the FCC to regulate the internet, the same as it does radio and TV broadcasting.” [Longworth at Large; June 8, 2011; by Jim Longworth] Yep. Brilliant. Longworth wants Congress— yes the very same Congress of which the unfortunately named Congressman Anthony Weiner is a member — to police the danged ole inner net for the rest of us mere mortals. Yes! Thank God we have the Elite Ruling Class — ie: those lying thieving immoral scumbags whom we affectionately call politicians — to make the internet safe for us: the poor, ignorant huddled masses. Where was Longworth way back when Al Gore first invented the internet? Perhaps with his wise guidance we might have avoided this mess altogether..but I digress.

No thanks, Longworth. Hasn’t the last half-century of business as usual politics in Washington been enough to convince you that these amoral wankers are out for themselves and could care less about “we the people”? Do you really trust Washington to act in your best interests? Seriously now. Just two pages prior to your column, I read the headline “John Edwards indicted on six felony accounts”. Wasn’t he North Carolina’s fair-haired boy not so long ago — one of the Beltway’s Chosen Annointed? How quickly we forget.

How about this Longworth: How about LESS? How about less government intrusion into our private lives, less government regulation of everything from pantyhose to popsicles, less government encroachment on our “Constitutionally protected” rights (eminent domain anyone?), less trampling of our personal liberties? In other words, you have it WRONG sir. What we most definitely do NOT need is for the government to regulate one of the last remaining bastions of free speech. Sadly however, I fear this will fall on deaf ears. You write as a true believer — one who feels we need our Messianic government to save us from ourselves. I hope you enjoy the chains you are forging for yourself…. slave.

Don Capps, Greensboro