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I really enjoyed your article “North Carolina by train,” [by Jordan Green, July 13, 2011].

My thoughts exactly on the Charlotte depot. It was two years ago I took that trip. The ride was great.

The arrival in Charlotte — what a dump. I was told then that the depot Uptown would be complete in two years.

Now, two years later, as you mentioned, no downtown depot in Charlotte.

[The depot in] Greensboro is far the best in design and location as of now.

It would be wonderful if a line went to Asheville. I understand that the towns of Statesville, Black Mountain and Asheville have upgraded and restored their depots some years ago for that reason. Hopefully, this route will be realized.

Mark J. Spangenberg, Greensboro


I love [Ryan Snyder’s] writing. In your current edition, you review Bon Iver. You mention that he is a “former Raleigh native.” Being a native of somewhere means that you were born there. Did you mean he was a former resident? Keep up the good work!

Tom Fox, Winston-Salem


The White Street landfill issue just will not go away until those persons who it affects accept the fact that it will have to be re-opened. It is costing the taxpayers an excessive amount of money to transport this waste 70 miles away to the unhurried [sic] landfill. It makes no sense to keep bickering over something just because a few hundred people from up North do not want to live near a potentially unhealthy environment. If the intentions of these new residents were to move to an area where they would have a better and healthier environment is understandable, considering most are from up North and up North has the worst pollution in the United States outside of California. There was no reason for those folks to be so rude at the last city council meeting pertaining to this issue. That person who has lived here their entire lives and cannot remember when there has seen such rude and disrespectful people [sic]. If this is the way they are going to act towards those of us who have lived here our entire lives, in the future, perhaps those persons from up North and elsewhere should truck it back up North and not let the poll booths hit them in the behind on their way back home.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro