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Hi Eric. You are to be commended for your gutsy analysis of the supposed flash mobs in downtown Greensboro [Asking the wrong questions”; Aug. 24, 2011; by Eric Ginsberg]. The column was seriously stunning work — your wording was careful but compelling and I hope your editor gets dozens of e- mails praising the piece. I plan to do so, and I look forward to reading a lot more of your columns in the future! Thank you!

Rae Alton, Greensboro

Hello, Mr. Clarey, Your paper is to be commended for its gutsy analysis of the recent supposed flash mobs in downtown Greensboro, especially columnist Eric Ginsberg. It seems anytime events similar to the flash mob in question occur, the city treats the symptoms without acknowledging the underlying disease. This series of events is not only heartbreaking, it’s freckled with agenda, being so close to the local election season. The fact that witnesses include a former Greensboro mayor and a community leader with theatrics in common is an almost humorous twist.

Thank you for the careful and compelling article from Ginsberg – I look forward to many more of his columns in the future.

Rae Alton, Greensboro

Eric, I thought your article “Asking the wrong questions” is right on! Yes it is absurd to punish youth downtown for the sins of the patrons of the nightclubs. This just shows that Greensboro values money, no matter how corrupt, over quality of life. It would rather give free rein to the degenerate nightclubs and all their money than to foster quality of life for the youth.

You are very discerning, Eric. I only pray that as you continue to attain more knowledge about how our culture worships money, you will not plummet into cynicism and lose your youthful idealism.

We need visionaries like you.

David Green, Greensboro