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Remembering a friend

Thank you for your insight into the lessons learned from Tim LaFollette [“Things I learned from Tim”; Aug. 31, 2011; by Brian Clarey].

Many learned from Tim and his was certainly a life that mattered, made a difference and a few lessons come to mind for me.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover — as Kaylan brought home another band boy. Hardly! Ten minutes of conversation, and I was enamored with his intelligence and wit.

Tolerance exemplified — Tim lived the talk, modeling acceptance of all.

Respect — even in Tim’s last days he was in charge, laboriously eye-typing out directions for meds and dosage.

Gratitude — we have another reminder of how fleeting mortality is. I thank Tim for the swallow on my shoulder, more gratitude for each day and the honor of having one of the best of mankind as part of our family.

Pat Szafranski, Greensboro

Burger time

I note that Mark Burger has written more than 100 articles for YES! Weekly, and I can see why. His review of my book (The Boomer’s Guide to Story) is fair, thoroughgoing and fun to read (yes, I am relieved that it was positive). I truly appreciate his work, and the interest of your publication.

Roemer McPhee, New York, NY


Mr. Snyder, I feel sorry for generation. It’s not your fault that you could not recognize or understand true talent. As with the likes of Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber for examples of today’s great talents. So, young grasshopper, finish cutting your teeth on some real talent and get back to us in a couple of years.

Vicky Fields, Greensboro