letters to the editor


Do you know that “social justice” is simply the equivalent of socialism? Justice, in the traditional sense, refers to equality of opportunity, equality under the law, respect for human rights and the dignity of every human being. Social justice, however, distorts the meaning of justice so that individuals are assured of equal outcomes — meaning, people are equal in wealth and material well-being. This is an injustice.

Capitalism mirrors true justice. But at the Occupy Greensboro rally last weekend, a member of the International Socialist Organization bluntly stated, ”The problem is capitalism.”

She might have a different opinion if she realized that capitalism accommodated the businesses that created her booth, manufactured her printed paper and wove her tablecloths. The “occupiers” of Greensboro have no idea how the implementation of their ideas could destroy this exceptional country built on capitalism. Consider what socialism — AKA communism — did to the Soviets when Joseph Stalin took power: the empire collapsed into ruin. Capitalism has made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world; why abandon it?

Addison Riddleberger, Greensboro Ed. note: The writer is a home-schooled 9th grader.