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Blue Cross BS

Greetings. Your valued columnist Jim Longworth is very informative and correct [“Greetings from Blue Cross/Blue Shield”; Nov. 2, 2011]. The healthcare cost in America keeps increasing with giant steps. We all know why.The health reform is supposed to do something to slow down the fast-increasing medical costs. The framework is the same: The public suffers, the CEOs alwyas enjoy those big salaries and adequate bonuses for the holidays. The only way to cut costs is obtaining universal care, sponsored by the goverment or private companies. This is the only way that we can control the insurance companies, drug companies and rich and powerful doctors. While waiting for that to happen I encourage JL to keep writing his good articles.

CA Ruiz, Greensboro

On Ron Paul’s electability

Regarding YES Weekly’s take on Ron Paul’s philosophy making him unelectable [“Ten Best unelectable candidates”; Nov. 2, 2011; by Brian Clarey], I wanted to make a suggestion:

Step 1: Actually learn what his views are. The Road Warrior reference was completely out of left field since under Austrian Economics legal issues are resolved, not in Thunderdome, but rather these things called “courts.” Unlike now under the Ron Paul free status quo, major polluters like BP will be forced to pay for every last drop of oil spilled even if it means bankruptcy for them and their insurers. Every- one seems to have forgotten that pollution is a violation of property rights and Ron Paul WILL enforce these rights for a change.

Step 2: Take a long look at what federal regula- tions have accomplished. The Road Warrior is an entertaining movie about rogue lawlessness so you should enjoy watching another movie called

Bryzinski: The Movie.

It’s about this ambitious immigrant doctor named Stanislav Bryzinski who discovered these things called “antineoplastons” back in the ’70s and began doing test trials that turned out to cure 90 percent of cancers.

Here’s the rogue part: The FDA spent the next few decades inhibiting his work and eventually trying to put him in jail for what amounted to a life sentence in the name of “malpractice.”

The FDA, like all federal regulators, are in one way or another owned by the large companies they’re intended to regulate using their power to crush their small and medium competitors the same way a “millionaire’s tax” is designed to wipe out Warren Buffett’s competitors so he can buy up their companies’ assets at fire-sale prices.

Michael Norbury, Greensboro


Why is YES! Weekly selling prominent ad space to a group that is trying to engineer the municipal election with a fake issue? Let’s be clear: the North Carolina General Assembly sets restaurant taxes, not the Greensboro City Council.

“No restaurant tax” is a misinformation campaign used to smear specific candidates for reelection.

Instead of educating voters, the weasels respon- sible for this deceitful message are undermining local democracy by spreading confusion and cynicism. As someone who admires YES! Weekly for editorializing the importance of civic participation and endorsing candidates for their transpar- ency, I’m perplexed as to why it would accept ad revenue from a group opposed to these values.

How can you lament abysmal voter turnout and simultaneously legitimize harmful theatrics? Grow a backbone and find some better sponsors. Daniel Foster, Zebulon