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I live in Gilbert, Ariz. and I have been searching the internet for information regarding Limewire downloading and accidentally downloading child porn off of Limewire when I came across your article [“Child porn download case is obscene”; Dec 18, 2009; by Jim Longworth].

My son was 17 in 2009 when a SWAT team came to our door and numerous other police officers with a motor home or mobile police station.

They wanted to know where my husband was because apparently they thought he was downloading these type videos. Later when looking on our computer they found partial or short videos on my son’s sign on and “Barely Legal” videos in his room , which are legal adult porn of younger adult women. They immediately went to pick him up at school. They questioned us all in the mobile unit. After, the officers came back in the house and joked about how my son handled this situation very well and should go into law enforcement. And another officer was bragging about his 20 year old girlfriend and he is 40+. They thought they were there for a perverted older man and were joking around after words because it was a kid just looking for younger rather than older women.

My son ,who is now 20 was arrested on Dec. 7, 2011. They are charging him with 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, Class 2 felonies and he is facing a 100 year sentence! He is waiting for a public defender to be assigned to him and sitting in maximum security with rapists and molesters.

Any information or help you can give us please contact me ASAP .

Sheila Hazelton; Gilbert, Ariz.