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“Late-season reflections in the ’Dome”

[Dec. 14, 2011] was YES! Weekly editor Brian Clarey’s football excuse that permitted him to tackle the real irritant beneath his shoulder pads — his contempt for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and “his obnoxious brand of Christianity.” Clarey wrote, “This year the Broncos have overachieved, largely on the arm of Tim Tebow, a pale, mookish southpaw with crabfish legs and nailfish eyes.” Whew! Mr. Clarey’s scorn for evangelical Christianity is exposed! A football team led by a Heisman trophy winner cannot overachieve. It either newspaper editor with a big microphone has the potential to overachieve. Clarey’s T-bashing of this gridiron disciple of Christ comprised one-third of the ink that contained his reflections. In a football essay Clarey declared Focus on the Family, the Christian organization that funded Tebow’s pro-life halftime commercial of “standing against equal rights, pornography, women’s reproductive choice and the teaching of evolution in schools.” He wrote, “I find this or- ganization loathsome.” Yet the church Clarey claims to be a member of also shares these values. And those moral tenets just happen to reprove YES! Weekly’s content and the advertising dollars it collects from squalid establishments that peddle naked females and dispense alcohol to numb the embarrassment of male patrons who fixate on them.

No Triad community leader is proud of these erotic establishments with fake windows that protect their darkness, and neither is God. But YES! Weekly gladly exchanges newsprint for soiled dollars as if God has no objection to charging admission to watch someone’s daughter remove her clothes. Clarey concluded his football column with jabs at God and Tebow in the same sentence; “But I don’t think a guy like Tebow stands a chance in a city like New Orleans, a place Clarey, God will never cease to love Mardi- gras-ville. It’s New Orleans’ rebellion against His rules that accounts for the removal of His blessings in the same manner that you always love your children but remove blessings from them during periods of disobedience. Adding that “Tebow hails from a golf town” was one last shallow smear by an editor who hails from a city that only checks in with God during hurricanes. This says it all about YES! Weekly’s disdain for evangelical Christianity. And nobody is surprised.

Mike J Baron, Winston-Salem