letters to the editor


Hey Brian,Here’s to guest columnist John Doe.[“YES! Weekly discriminates against ‘TriadToday’”; Feb. 22, 2012] I’m glad he turnedhis penetrating insight away from the clubads and toward the rest of YES! Weekly. Iwould like to shake his hand. (After he haswashed it, of course.)If John Doe is not Jim Longworth, givehim a job. If he is Jim Longworth, givehim a raise in salary — up to, say, twosandwiches a day.He writes pretty good, and he’s a TVguy!Bill Bloxham, Winston-Salem


I am the police state, hear me whimper.I decry the abuse of my inalienablerights by my government, but turn a blindeye when this same government abuses theGod-given rights of those abroad.I fi nd outrage in the groping of the elderlyat checkpoints, drones over our citiesand invasive surveillance on our streets,but I happily cheer when this is done inother places with funny names like “Kandahar”and “Baghdad.”I insist on the need for foreign aid toour allies giving little concern to the factthat portions of it are required to be spenton American-made weapons that will beturned on foreign populations by theirown governments once their economiesare sacked to make debt payments invitinganti-American insurgencies to take root.I will call you “unpatriotic” if you don’tsupport overthrowing potential threats10,000 miles away, but will praise you asa “free-market advocate” for supportingthe true threat to our security which is thedebt-based monetary system just blocksfrom my home.Despite these contradictions, I am stillmost hospitable and would gladly give youa place to stay.Unfortunately, I can no longer provideshelter for I am now homeless on the continentmy forefathers conquered.Michael Norbury. Greensboro


I was horrified and extremely disappointedto see the caption under the picturefrom the article with the New Editionconcert [“Cooling it, now”; Feb. 22,2012; by Ryan Snyder]. Not only werethe names wrong, they were NOWHEREnear close.The group members’ names were correctin the article, but way off base in the caption.Al B. Sure, Guy, Father MC, KadeemHardison, Tevin Campbell and Ginuwineare NOT NOW, nor have they ever been,part of New Edition.I don’t know if it was a joke that madeits way into the paper by accident, orwhat…. But I was very disappointed in thecaption.Cami Marshall, GreensboroEditor replies: Yeah, that was a joke.