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Thank you and YES! Weekly for your partnership and support of the Walk MS campaign.

The campaign will benefit local programs and services for people living with multiple sclerosis and MS research. Every hour of everyday, someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable often disability disease of the control nervous system. MS affects over 2.1 million people worldwide and our chapter serves approx. 2500 locally. Thank you for investing in our cause. We look forward to a successful campaign with your support!

Emily Conner, Kernersville


I enjoyed your interesting behind-the-scenes article about Robert Ward’s opera The Crucible [“Crucible Composer Remembers ‘Witch Hunts’”; Mar.7, 2012; by Lenise Willis]. You scooped the Winston-Salem Journal, which had only a brief announcement about a roundtable event involving Mr. Ward. The Journal’s announcement included this misinformation: “Ward’s opera The Crucible, based on Miller’s novel [sic] of the same name.”

You got it right. Robert Ward’s opera was based on Miller’s play, not on a novel. The Journal has outsourced its copy desk, I do believe.

Your article brought to mind my own meeting with Ward. In the late 1970s I was a student at the School of the Arts, and Ward, no longer chancellor but still around, conducted a performance of one of his compositions for brass ensemble.

I played in that group. He was a joy to work for: professional and down-to-business, yet warm, kind, and thoughtful. I can still picture him chatting with us students during a break, and his look of fierce, friendly attention. In my life I have met few people I would call gentlemen or gentlewomen. At NCSA there were only two. One was Robert Ward.

Bill Bloxham, Winston-Salem