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For an opinion piece to have any value, it needs to be based in fact. Thereare zero facts about Rush Limbaugh in the Clarey editorial [“What a Rush”; March 14, 2012; by Bran Clarey.

Sandra Fluke was referred to as a prostitute because she stated that she wanted someone else to pay for her for her sexual activities. Fluke represents you and all other progressive men and women so you were all being called sluts and prostitutes. Get it? The taxpayer-insurance company-business owner-Catholic Church is supposed to pay all women to have sex. A great irony is that what the progressives are asking for will make it even easier for men to have as many one-night stands (or incest or sex with a 12-year-old) with no consequences as they can perform. Obamacare will cover birth control for all females so it will be the assumed duty of all females to comply and take birth control pills because the state says it is free and we all know that free means good.

Limbaugh noted that Michael J. Fox made a commercial in which his Parkinson’s symptoms were worse than when he appeared in public after the making of the commercial. He speculated that maybe he went off his meds for the filming of the commercial.

Feminazis are the extreme left of the women’s movement who are mad and mean-spirited. That description applies to many progressives so you may not understand the difference between a conservative feminist who values all people regardless of political views and does not disparage anyone (rich, poor or of any skin color) for past or present drug addiction.

The Magic Negro phrase was originally used by a reporter or in an editorial that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Limbaugh airs many song parodies that are all based on fact.

I have often wondered how progressives get so much wrong in their editorials when there is so much fact to be gleaned from the internet. But you must go to original sources to avoid the bias and lies.

You work in a free-speech business. I guess you presume that the good progressives should always be the speech police.

I was going to end with a snarky comment about the topless, pole-dancing business model paying your salaries, but after going through the March 14-20 edition I noticed only about two pages. So I guess your sexual connotation ad business may be down.

Mary Harper, Winston-Salem

Regarding Brian Clarey’s “What a rush” article, in last weeks issue. First off, Rush Limbaugh never said that slavery “had its merits,” as you claim he did. The only source for this claim is in a book 101 People That are Really Screwing America that does not cite a source itself. There is no transcript from his program that has ever been produced that show him saying this.

Secondly, since I’m a rather new reader for this weekly, I’m curious. Did anyone in your weekly ever write anything condemning Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a “c**t” and a “dumb tw*t”?

Jeff Gillis, Greensboro

Editor replies: Sandra Fluke didn;t want free borth control, she wanted her health insiurance, which she pays for at Georgetown University, to cover it like just about every other health plan in existence. And yes, Limbaugh denies saying that slavery “had its merits.” Bill Maher is a comedian and member of the Screen Actors Guild who makes movies and tours the country with his stand-up comedy routine; he was talking about a public figure. Limbaugh is a spokesperson of a political party who was talking about a private citizen.