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On behalf of Millis Road Elementary, I would like to thank your for the advertising space for the Roadrunner Challenge. Thank you for helping me spread the word to our community!

Mary Justice, Greensboro


I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous feature article you wrote for V-day Greensboro this year [The Vagina Monologues”; March 21, 2012]. It was well written and truly keeping in the spirit of what we do each year. We are so grateful! Thank you for your contribution to ending violence against women!

Devon Currie, Greensboro


Bravo, Mr. Clarey! Your piece on the Trayvon Martin tragedy was the most sensible article on the subject I have read yet [“My hoodie”; March 28, 2012] . Depending on whose version of events you believe, Martin was either hunted down in cold blood by a racist vigilante who shot him as he screamed for help, or Martin attacked a neighborhood watch member as he was returning to his vehicle and repeatedly slammed his head against a concrete sidewalk. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, but until we know the facts it would serve us well to keep our eyes open and our mouths shut. The Duke lacrosse rape case should have taught us all the folly of jumping to conclusions, but some people have apparently not learned that lesson. It is chilling to read some of the reports on the “get George Zimmerman” mentality. A lynch mob wearing hoods is just as evil as one wearing hoods and white robes. Once again, well done sir.

Jeff Pickett, Franklinville