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Tony Wilkins is a great person for the job of county commissioner District 6. I have had the pleasure of serving with Tony on the War Memorial Commission and have watched Tony hold comunity leadership positions with integrity and respect. Tony studies the issues in order to make informed decisions and comes to meetings on time and prepared. Tony asks hard questions and is confident in his facts and decision-making to stand to his principles.

I recommend the voters in District 6 to choose the right representation. Vote for Tony Wilkins.

Zack Matheny, Greensboro

Matheny is the District 3 representative on Greensboro City Council.

The decision to run for elected office is never to be taken lightly and those who make this decision — on either side of the political aisle — deserve our gratitude and our admiration. These courageous individuals are willing to step into the limelight (often holding the hand of a somewhat anxious spouse) and expose themselves to the critique, criticism, stones and arrows of those who oppose them as well as incur the financial expense and sacrifice the unbelievable amount of time that it takes to run a campaign. During the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to witness this process on more than one occasion as my family has become more involved in local politics. I have seen some handle the rigors of a political campaign with optimism and vigor and I have seen others who have crumbled under the stress. I have come away with a valuable lesson as I have watched, and it is this: The ability for a candidate to handle the weight of a political campaign with grace and dignity has a direct relationship with how they perform in elected office if they are so fortunate as to win.

Tony Wilkins is a great example of this. He is working hard to be the representative for citizens of Guilford County Commission District 6. I do not live in District 6 and cannot vote for Tony, so I have chosen to voice my support for him in this way. I admired the work that Tony did as the Guilford County GOP executive director under the previous chairman. I was impressed at how well he handled the fiery darts that flew his way in that position. He did not shrink or dodge criticism when it came his way. He remained calm when he needed to be, but stood firm when there was no room for wavering. There was one occasion when I strongly disagreed with the way he handled a certain situation. I approached him personally about it, explained my objections and waited, not sure of what his reaction would be. Tony immediately responded to me, graciously thanked me for pointing out a side to the story that he had not considered, and worked to correct what I had objected to. We have become better friends since that occasion and Tony has mentioned more than once how much he appreciates my honesty so many months ago.

We need men and women like Tony Wilkins in accessible positions such as County Commissioner who will be unintimidated in doing what is right and without hesitation defend his priorities, but who will also listen — RE- ALLY listen — to constituents, and make necessary course corrections when the need arises. I know that Tony Wilkins will make a outstanding county commissioner if given the opportunity by the voters in District 6.

Nicholas Greenwood, Greensboro

I am writing in support of Tony Wilkins, someone I have known more than 40 years, for District 6 county commissioner. He currently serves as the most outspoken representative our conservative citizenry has on the War Memorial Commission. I am confident that he will bring this same transparent representation to the board. He recently served two years as executive director of the GC Republican Party, where he initiated the party’s involvement in Greensboro’s municipal election with positive results. Tony is fair minded, and will not be self-seeking in his leadership. I am confident that he will listen and make fiscally conservative decisions on our behalf, and he will seek accountability for every tax dollar spent. He will be an advocate for the taxPAYER. As a county resident for 56 years, I find this to be a wonderful concept!

Mickey Atkinson, Greensboro

I have known Tony for more than 30 years and he has worked hard his entire life. He has lived in Guilford County his entire life and knows our Guilford County politics. He is very aware and concerned with our issues right here at home. He has a very realistic, practical outlook on our future. Tony will work hard to keep small-business and public-safety issues at the top of his priorities. We need this type of dedication and leadership in Guilford County. When elected Tony will work to represent our county in a very professional, highly respected manner. Even if you can’t vote for him, get out and spread the word. Vote Tony Wilkins May.

Kendall McCarter, Greensboro

McCarter serves as Jamestown fire chief.

On May 8 the electorate of the 6th District will exercise their democratic right of selecting their Congressman.

I am a British friend of the US who spends much of the year in Summerfield and enjoys the friendliness of the people of Greensboro. I appeal to the electorate to recognize their duty of choosing a legislator who is capable of dealing with the economic problems facing North Carolina, the US and indeed the wider world.

This call for leadership, experience and a cool negotiator with a proven record at the Washington level; a member who is universally respected and a gentleman. One who listens to and responds to the electorate.

I have come to know Congressman Howard Coble and recognize his excellent qualities. I respectfully ask the electorate to show wisdom and maturity on May 8.

Geof Sirockin, Summerfield

Elisabeth Motsinger’s first commitment is to all the people of the NC 5th Congressional District. She is a strong voice of reason in these chaotic times. Her work as a healthcare professional and member of the Winston- Salem Forsyth County School Board promoting equity in healthcare access, public education and justice make her the best choice for the NC 5th District. Join me in voting for Elisabeth Motsinger in the Primary on May 8.

Arthur Hermann, Winston-Salem


Your staff writer Joleesa Redeye wrote an article which claimed that a spokesman from Trader Joe’s Annie Bodie was quoted saying Greensboro residents were like rabid dogs [“Trader Joe’s to open high Point location”; March 28, 2012]. I was insulted by the remark and contacted Trader Joes. They insisted they did not have an employee named Annie Bodie and that it must have been an April Fool’s joke placed by you news reporter. Ha ha… not funny. Could you clarify please…. who is telling the truth? Trader Joe’s or your staff writer?

Heidi Feliz, Greensboro resident

That was indeed an April Fool’s joke.


I pick up your periodical frequently and always find it a great way to kill 10 minutes or so, but I felt inspired to write in.

Today, I was thumbing through your most recent issue and stumbled upon Jim Longworth’s take on hunting [“Hunter violence must be prosecuted”; April 25]. While I am far from an outdoorsman, I just wanted to commend you both for the read. That is one of the best articles I have read in a long time… News & Record, USAToday, SI, NY Times included. I found it well-written, informative, humorous and yet disturbing. Keep up the great work.

Chris Bele, Lexington