local talent

local talent

Kristen Summers bartender

Kristen Summers, this week’s Page Three model, comes to us from Patchogue-Medford, NY, which is in the heart of Long Island. She and her mother moved down here after 9-11, when her father, a fireman, lost his partner in the blaze that took down the Twin towers. “He made it through and his partner didn’t,” she says. “He actually switched shifts with his partner that day so he could take my brother to the orthodontist. He had a lot to deal with afterwards.” Kristen currently tends bar at Much in downtown Greensboro, but she learned enough from her last job as a dental assistant to nail down a pretty solid oral hygiene regimen. She says she brushes at least twice a day with a SonicCare toothbrush, “the new one.” She also flosses and rinses every day with fluoride. “I’m not a tongue scraper, no,” she says, “but you should scrape your tongue because that’s where all the bacteria is.”

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