local talent

Ryan Parmeter — professional wrestler

Do you know this guy? If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, then you probably do. Greensboro resident Ryan Parmeter wrestled as Ryan O’Reilly for the WWE between 2005 and 2007, a stint which included a match against D’Lo Brown at Madison Square Garden in New York City. “That was frickin’ awesome,” he recalls. But now he and his girlfriend Krissy Vain — AKA Greensboro native Kristin Eubanks — are headed to China to compete for American Wrestling Entertainment. “I’m gonna be wrestling as like a Wolverine-type character,” he says. “They’re gonna call me ‘Lykan.’ The T-shirt says, ‘Half man, all beast.’” In China, the AWE has set up its own arena and characters which will be making its way to American television in the next few weeks, according to the 6-5, 280 pound bruiser. “This is just a blessing to me,” he says. “I didn’t expect something like this to comer along in my life.”

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