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Louie Luv Money & Jeff Byrd — musicians

That’s right, it’s our old friend Louie Luv Money gracing Page Three once again, because it’s hard to say no to a man who loves stacking paper so much he legally changed his name. With him is Jeff Byrd, and together they form the nucleus of Sinners for Saints (, playing on Friday night with Monument for Martyrs, Pepper’s All-American Band and Ryla at the Somewhere Else Tavern, the band’s first live gig. The two previously played together in Social Outcast UB. “[UB] stood for Uncle Bobby,” Luv Money says, “a tribute to someone who died. He was definitely a social outcast.” They took similar care in naming their latest band, which was almost called Dingleberries, Something Venereal and Prom Night Dumpster Babies before Sinners for Saints was settled upon. As always, Louie’s fondness for dollars is implied.

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