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Jill Coleman Fitness guru

For Jill Coleman, fitness is not simply a passion; it’s her personal faith.

Coleman, a Wake Forest grad with a master’s degree in nutrition, has taken part in figure competitions for the past three years, including the Fame North American Championships in Miami last November, where she took runner-up honors in the fitness model division. Coleman describes a figure competition as a cross between a bodybuilding contest and a beauty pageant. A personal trainer, Coleman has witnessed the number of clients she’s trained for competition grow exponentially in the past year. Coleman said the rush of taking the stage and knowing you’re in the best shape of your life is the hook of compeition. “So many times when you’re training, you want to give up, but when you’re on stage, you forget about the pain,” she said. Coleman has graced the covers of four national fitness publications and recently collaborated with one of her fitness clients, LeAura Alderson, on My Gym Trainer, a three-part book series of workout guides based on Jill’s training techniques. For further info on Jill’s fitness secrets, visit: and

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