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Kim Coronel — Powerlifter

Kim Coronel discovered the sport of powerlifting during one of the most difficult times in her life, and it proved to be her salvation. After moving to the area from Washington State with her ex-husband, Coronel began training with Mike White and Chris Mason, co-owners of East Coast Barbell in Kernersville, and adapted her routine to a powerlifting regimen. Coronel’s daily gains in the gym paralleled the growth in her emotional life and eventually she found the courage to end the relationship. “I asked myself, ‘If I can lift 307 pounds with my bare hands, then why can’t I have the strength to leave an unhappy relationship?’” she said. Today, Kim is utilizing primal strength training and a special diet to prepare for her next competition — a powerlifting meet in Charlotte on March 13. For further info on Kim’s powerlifting secrets, visit: and

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