local talent

Rachel Barger & Crystal Argo — floral designers

Send Your Love Florist; 336.632.9559;

People love roses, especially on Valentine’s Day,” says Rachel Barger, one half of this week’s Page Three duo. “They love Stargazer Lillies,” chips in her partner, Crystal Argo. “We’re already getting requests for orchids and Calla Lillies, and of course everything in between.” Valentine’s day to a florist is like tax time to an accountant or New Year’s Eve to a bartender: It’s go time. Rachel and Crystal say they plan to work nearly around the clock to process and design floral arrangements before the cut-off date on Sunday. Oddly enough, neither expects to actually get ay flowers from her loved one this year. “The curse of being a florist,” Rachel says, “is that your significant other thinks you’re not going to want them because you’ve been around them all day.”

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