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Elizabeth Winborne — MBA candidate, marketing manager

This week’s Page Three model, Elizabeth Winbourne, is what you might call a young lady on her way. She’s currently the marketing manager for the Much/Heaven/ Level 2 complex in downtown Greensboro, and she’ll earn her MBA from UNCG in the fall. But she credits her years tending bar for much of her education. “It gave me negotiation skills, communication skills,” she says, “learning how to start conversations, keeping people entertained. I always tried to keep it positive. ‘Puttin’ on the face,’ I call it.” Like the time, years ago, when a married bar customer was bragging about his girlfriend. “I didn’t like hearing about it,” she says, “but I smiled and served him another Jos’.” Because she’s a former bartender, she’s discreet enough not to mention the bar or the man’s name. And because she’s in marketing, she wants to remind you about Girls Gone Wild at Much on Thursday night.

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