local talent

by Brian Clarey

Julie Luther — fitness guru, business owner

Julie Luther, owner of PurEnergy in Greensboro (www, has been in the fitness business since 1975, roughly the same time Jane Fonda put on leg warmers and a headband and urged American women to aerobicize. “We made so many mistakes with people’s bodies back then,” she says. “Turns out windmills are one of the worst things you can do for your back. And bouncing straight up and down on your toes, like when you do high-impact aerobics, turns out that’s really bad for your feet and knees. That’s how the exercise science departments at many universities got started.” At PurEnergy, Julie does personal training, class and specialty programs like motherdaughter classes, Beach Bodies and a boot camp that she says is the real deal. “I trained the Marines back in ’96, and I brought boot-camp fitness to Greensboro” she says with a laugh. “All the rest are fake.”

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