local talent

by Brian Clarey

Malorie Holloway — TV spokesperson

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Surely you recognize Malorie Holloway, this week’s Page Three model, from her stint as the face of WCWG Dash TV. “Anytime you turn on the TV in between Tyra and anything else,” she says, “you’ll see me acting the fool trying to get you to enter our contests, watch our channel, make sure you tune in to ‘Gossip Girl.’” But before she became the bumper queen of WCWG, Malorie was just another student at Greensboro College, where she matriculated in 2006. She’s famous these days for her Beyonce “Single Ladies” spoof — now playing on YouTube — and getting water dumped on her head at Myrtle Beach’s Hard Rock Amusement Park. And now she’s hosting a video show on digital cable weeknights at 6 p.m.