local talent

by Brian Clarey

Ramon Dickenson — athlete/personal trainer

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This week’s Page Three model, Ramon Dickenson, understands that the human body is not designed to be comfortable, since his childhood in Jamaica and upbringing in Toronto, Ramon has been involved in sports that vary from football and baseball to free running and extreme rollerblading — which, we guess, is something like rollerblading across broken glass or maybe hot coals. Kidding! Now living in Winston-Salem, Ramon still competes as a bodybuilder, placing in both the WBFF World Championships (2nd place) and Musclemania America (4th place). He still takes on clients as a personal trainer. And he’s looking to break into the entertainment industry. But if you really want to see him doing something awesome, check out his parkour videos on YouTube, also documented on his Facebook page. He didn’t get the nickname “Razor” for nothing.