local talent

by Brian Clarey

Esme — Dog

If you’ve spent any time at all in downtown Greensboro, you probably recognize Esme, thios week’s Page Three dog, from her perch near the front door of Mack and Mack, the clothing design company owned by Robin and John Davis. Esme, an American boxer, came to be with Robin and John after a friend adopted her and was no longer able to keep her and now she’s one of the stores most reliable employees, coming in every day to watch the foot traffic on South Elm Street. “She’s very conscious as to whether the door is locked,” John says. “She gets braver when it’s locked.” She also has a knack for sniffing out big spenders — unfortunately, she usually growls at them. “The big spenders are, unfortunately, the ones who she gives the most grief to,” John says.

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