local talent

by Brian Clarey

Carla Rascoe — Singer/songwriter

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On stage she goes by Carla R., but here on Page Three we’re gonna use her full name, Carla Rascoe, and tell you that she’s a singer/songwriter with influences that range from Prince to Michael Jackson and Beyond. “I would have to call my work ‘unpredictably creative,’” she says. “People look at me kind of strange when I say Michael Jackson influenced me as an artist. ‘You’re a guitar player!’” Her next gig, Aug. 19 at Coffee at the Summit in Greensboro where she’ll play solo electric and behind Evan Gibson, marks her birthday and also the pre-release of her Super Deluxe EP, a collection of tracks recorded at her house which drops the next day. “It’s directly in the vein of playing Monday nights at the Blind Tiger,” she says. “I’m gonna miss that place.”