local talent

by Brian Clarey

Hamilton Howard — birthday boy

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Hamilton Howard wants his birthday to be a special one this year. That’s why he’s secured the grounds at the Calvin Graves Plantation from Sept. 11-13, laid plans and booked bands. “I got eight bands playing full shows,” he says, “not your typical music festival set-up where you get 15 minutes and they’re gone.” On tap are Barefoot Weed, Bohemian Sunrise, Lightning Wells, the Hot Seats and the DJ Williams Project, among others, and Amelia’s Mechanics will play Sunday brunch before closing out the weekend. Howard says he plans to have both a family movie night and a red-light district for adults. Tickets are $40 in advance at, or $50 at the event. Camping is included. “My inspiration is, the last time I went to something major it cost me $140 to be in there,” he says, “and I thought to myself I could knock a hundred off that and still have a pretty good event.”