local talent

by Brian Clarey

Stacey Ingram

boudoir photographer


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Stacey Ingram had been working as a professional photographer for five years when she decided to make a shift in her business: Why not have sexy photo shoots for real women? Simply Boudoir photography was born about a year ago and, says Ingram, “It’s going a lot better than I ever imagined. It just really kind of took off.” At her website,, she shows numerous examples of her art. “My clients are everyday women,” she says. “ Mothers, doctors and lawyers, cancer survivors. Maybe some of them have been models at some point in their lives, but they are everyday women of all different shapes and sizes, different backgrounds, and they realize that they can be sexy too.” She is currently seeking clients, so visit the website for more information.

(above left) Self-portrait of Stacey. (above right) Boudoir photos showcase some of Stacey’s work.