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by Christian Bryant


Aubrey ‘Molly Flogger’ Lockard — roller derby athlete


This May, Aubrey Lockard will be crossing the stage during commencement exercises for UNCG to receive her degree in international and global studies with a concentration in human rights. Until then, you can catch her on a different stage with a much different MO. Lockard founded the Greensboro Roller Derby in Feb. 2010 and just recently celebrated its year of being in existence. Despite a sprained ankle, the softspoken jammer for both the Gate City Rollergirls and the Elm Street Nightmares shows no signs of letting up as the first bout of the season approaches. “We’re definitely atheletes,” says Lockard. “We practice and train just like any other athletes. The injuries are very real.” Aside from the physicality of the sport, Lockard notes how building the league and participating has helped her grow. “I’ve definitely become stronger, healthier, more confident… My involvement has helped me become a better person. I know that sounds cheesy.” Lockard and the Gate City Rollergirls will go up against URGE from Greenville, SC this Sunday at Skate South in High Point. For more information, visit their Greensboro Roller Derby Facebook page.

(photo courtesy Jennifer Westmoreland)

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