local talent

by Christian Bryant

Jenny Hwa development manager for the RiverRun International Film Festival

The 2011 RiverRun International Film Festival is around the corner and chances are you won’t see Jenny Hwa on any screen. Her name won’t show up in any rolling credits and her picture won’t be displayed with those of the cinematic dignitaries scheduled to appear. However, Hwa, the current development manager of the festival, has a significant stake in this year’s success. Her main tasks of fundraising and corporate-sponsorship acquisition have helped birth the Community Cinematic Initiative. This new project will provide free screenings to movie lovers starting with Pixar’s Cars and a dog-friendly feature of Best In Show. Hwa is a California native that was drawn to Winston-Salem after working in the fashion industry in New York. She exclaims that aside from great films, the festival also offers great social events from Q&As with film producers to an ’80s-themed prom with karaoke and a complimentary photo booth. “I love seeing something that’s ever-growing and ever-changing,” says Hwa. “That’s super attractive to me!” The RiverRun Festival will be held in Winston-Salem from April 8-17. For more information, send inquiries to or visit

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