local talent

by Brian Clarey

Valeria Osipova AKA Valeria Sweet — student/Best Facebooker

How does one get to be the Triad’s Best Facebooker? In the case of this year’s winner, 22-year-old UNCG student Valeria Osipova, who goes by the handle Valeria Sweet, it’s not strictly about content. Valeria posts just about every day with updates to her 1,500 or so Facebook friends, but she also campaigned for the title. “You got to,” she says. Valeria spent her childhood in Kazan, in the European part of the USSR before moving to North Carolina at age 12, and she says the concept of “friend” is different here. “In Russia people don’t treat every person they meet as a friend — they are very selective. Here everyone you meet can become you best friend very quickly, and in Russia, time proves friendship. Facebook is a unique way of approaching friendship. On Facebook, I want to get to know people. I don’t want acquaintances; I want lasting friendships.”

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