local talent

by Brian Clarey

Raef Byers

landscape artist

Recently, while tooling along US 221 between Blowing Rock and Linville Falls, inspiration struck landscape artist Raef Byers. Just off the winding two-lane blacktop, he discovered three spectacular, cascading waterfalls. Byers stopped by the roadside highway to carefully study nature’s design. Byers then collaborated with local landscape guru John Newman to recreate nature in their construction of a waterfall at the entrance of the Winston-Salem Central YMCA. Raef worked closely with his younger brother, Ian, in creating the spectacular garden feature. A 3,800-pound boulder is the centerpiece of the waterfall. “I wanted to get as large a stone as possible here because to me that’s evocative of the mountains,” Byers said. “I love that each project there’s a challenge. Even though I’ve worked with John for over 10 years, I’m continually learning this stuff and I’m continually pushing myself and learning how to imitate nature.”

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