local talent

by Brian Clarey

Gary Shaver — artist/banker

Gary Shaver can’t stop thinking about art, even when he’s at work.

Throughout his life he’s felt repeatedly called to making art through a variety of mediums, and said he is like a fish out of water when not pursuing his passion. Shaver attended the University of St. Francis, receiving numerous accolades for his work while pursuing an art education degree. He moved to Greensboro three years ago after his wife got a job with Volvo, and since then he started working at Bank of America. “My whole psyche is geared towards doing art,” Shaver said. “I have a great passion for [it] — it’s kind of consuming.” He has experience in making art on a computer but said he is most drawn to natural mediums, in part because he likes the feel of a brush or chalk or a pencil on paper. Shaver’s work was shown locally at Earth Fare, and he offers private photography classes as well. Gary Shaver can be reached at 336.430.7068.

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