local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

Orlando Botero II

Orlando Botero II began his current trajectory when he was just 14, working in the restaurant and hospitality business and later getting involved with the bar and club business in 1998. Now the proud owner/operator of Syn, Select and Sky on Elm Street, Botero can’t picture himself doing anything else. “I’ve had many different types of jobs from pushing paperwork to washing cars, and none seem to suit me as well as this one,” he said. “There’s no better feeling than standing over a crowd and… knowing you were able to give your patrons an opportunity to let loose and have fun.“ Botero says his favorite drink is red berry and sugar free Red Bull, and he loves sports, cooking and getting tattooed. He is cut out for his work because he can handle the stress, the stigma of being a club owner and the hours and said it’s hard to think of any downside to his job. “I’d like to thank my family; my mother Leslie, my step father Mike and my sister Nina. They all support and motivate me to pursue my dreams and make them real.”

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