local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

Dante CK

hip-hop artist

Hip-hop artist Dante CK is working to complete his first official album, which he hopes to release in early 2012. Daron Whitmore (his real name) already put out a mix tape, Beef and Broccoli, and produced the new album The Little Big Life free of sampling. The album features piano, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocals, all of which he dabbles in. One of his biggest influences is DMX but their styles diverge, possibly because of his interest in Motown artists or bands like TV on the Radio. Dante CK was born in New Orleans but has spent most of his life living in North Carolina. After making waves with his group Superteam at Guilford College, he still lives in Greensboro where he works to support himself and his aspirations in the music industry. “I need to be able to eat, but this is my dream job,” Whitmore said. “This [album] is my pride and joy.”

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