local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

Ryan Kasek

The Doggy Butler

As far as Ryan Kasek is concerned, pets are part of the family. He’s always loved animals, and that’s why he created Doggy Butler a few months after graduating with a marketing degree.

“I wanted to put the love that I had for pets with the dream of always opening a business,” Kasek said. “I feel that pets should be treated almost as a person.”

Doggy Butler offers pet visits consisting of 45 minutes of undivided attention including feeding, playtime, walking and running as well as a “pet taxi service” and sleepovers for dogs that don’t like to be left alone.

Kasek lives in Adams Farm, volunteers at the animal shelter and grew up around pets — his grandmother raised and bred dogs. He’s taking care of an albino catfish, frogs and a cat now in addition to dogs, and hopes to start working full time once he has more clients.

Interested? Contact Doggy Butler at 336.553.7306 or doggiebutler@gmail.

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