local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

Sam Bridges Art director and graphic designer

Some people dream of leaving a smaller city like Greensboro, but Sam Bridges is happy to call the Gate City home. Besides the community and potential he sees here, there’s the affordability. “I’m never paying $1,200 for a closet ever again,” he said. “It’s important to me to invest energy into where you are instead of going somewhere where it’s already happening.” An occasional fashionista and possible Tunblr addict, Bridges works as a freelance art director and graphic designer with a focus on branding. As a kid, Bridges wanted to be a character designer because he was drawn to the strong characters in games like Final Fantasy 3. He used to sit around and draw the alphabet, so graphic design made sense as a chance to combine the two interests. Bridges is interested in collaborating with other artists of all stripes, and will soon have a website up at www.

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