local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

The Cranford Sisters

A dynamic duo

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The Cranford sisters — Katei, 27, and Kelly, 25 — have spent their lives in Greensboro and have seen the city change dramatically. The sisters are quick to compliment each other, with Kelly explaining Katei’s “encyclopedic knowledge” of the city and Katei referring to her younger sister as a “pizzamaker extraordinaire” at Mama Ginna’s in Summerfield. Kelly, the bassist for punk band Nondenoms, plans to write a cookbook that is also a joke book entitled Sage and Spice: A Guide to Seasoning. Her band is recording a split 7-inch with the Radio Reds. “One of the tracks is a total face-melter,” said Kelly, who also wants to go by “Big Pun.” Katei writes for Avant Greensboro, used to be the promotions manager for WUAG, works as a guest blogger and is part of the South Elm Alliance. They live together with a handful of roommates, including a “giant, deaf, fat cat who breaks everything,” named Dr. Gonzo.

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