local talent

by Eric Ginsburg

T Poole Artist/producer

T Poole is not your typical southern rap artist, emphasizing his lyrical style and party scene lyrics and distancing himself from crunk or trap music. He plans to leave his hometown of Winston-Salem soon to pursue his dreams “on a bigger stage,” most likely in Atlanta. Born Thomas Poole, the 25-yearold compares himself to Kanye West or J Cole. Heavily influenced by his older brother, who passed away while T Poole was in 8th grade, he remembers first free-styling with his cousin and later making beats in 10th grade. T Poole’s sound has evolved since then as he’s cut back on curse words and vulgar content.

When he’s not making music, he’s working with mentally disabled adults in Greensboro, helping his mom at her restaurant Meta’s or working with his dad’s painting business. He played a number of shows while attending Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, and plans to begin doing live performances here.

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