[local talent]

by Eric Ginsburg

Joshua Shelton: Guitarist, singer

Guitar wasn’t the first instrument Joshua Shelton picked up as a kid — with two parents who were music teachers there were always instruments laying around, and he started with trombone and a drum set. Next he moved on to the baritone ukelele, which is strung similarly to a guitar, before picking up a six-string. For the last 12 years, Shelton has played a variety of music on guitar and vocals, moving from internet tabs of Dave Matthews Band and grunge to playing old-time Appalachian string band music at his church.

Now a Winston-Salem resident, Shelton grew up in rural Stokes County. After performing and recording with progressive indie band St. Clare in Greensboro, Shelton mostly plays solo now. He plays off and on with a bluegrass band at wedding receptions and parties, teaches guitar at the B String in Winston-Salem and would like to get a trio together.

E-mail him at or look for JoshuaSheltonGuitar on Youtube (Click here to listen!) and Facebook.