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Local Talent: Camilia Majette


Camilia Majette always had a love for natural health, nature and being outside. After having children who suffer from eczema, Majette began to make her own natural health products.

“I know there are lots of toxins out there,” said Majette. “I wanted something that doesn’t have any toxins at all and would help soothe the irritations naturally.”

Majette’s hand-made soap, shea butter and exfoliating sugar scrubs eventually evolved into her own business. The business, Nailah’s Shea, has now gone on for six years. For the past two years, Majette has been working on Nailah’s Shea full-time.

“Right now… it’s just online,” said Majette. “I also sell at the local Farmers Curb Market in Downtown Greensboro. I’m there on Saturdays and I do little pop-up shops.

“In 2016 my goal was getting my products ready for retail shelves and I invested in professional labels and bar codes. This year I would like to get a few retailers to carry my products. I’m also taking my products to a few big shows.”

Majette learned how to make her natural products through research and her mother.

“I learned from my mom, who is from East Africa,” said Majette. “She always had some natural herbs to make her teas and different foods. We used a lot of those in our home. She was also a nurse in East Africa as well. From there, I learned from her and also from just researching online from health books.”

While Majette plans to expand her business, she said she will always go the Farmer’s Curb Market.

“I like the customer feedback,” she said. “I like being able to speak with them to find out how they enjoy the products or how good the product is working for them. I had one lady, she’s a repeat customer, and she always purchases the soaps and the shea. She said she especially loves the soaps too because she would always use just liquid soaps and she never liked hard hand soaps.

“After using my Zanzibar Spice soap, she loved it so much because it has some exfoliating ground cinnamon in there and it moisturizes her as well as helps exfoliate the skin too. She said that was the first hand-made soap she ever used that wasn’t liquid.”

A percentage of all of Majette’s proceedings go towards helping East African families, particularly part of her family.

“My mom is from there, from Zanzibar, Tanzania…so I have three siblings back there that I’m trying to petition to come here on my mom’s behalf,” she said. “In Tanzania, they are making less than a dollar a day to survive and Zanzibar Island where my family is, is even less. I’m working on the processing for that, so a percentage in my proceeds goes to help them and eventually help others there too.”

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