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Local Talent: Hand and Stone Employees

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)


Rather than speak solely about them themselves, Hand and Stone spa owners Eric and Christiana Anthony wanted to recognize and celebrate the staff of their company.

“We have such incredible, wonderful people,” said Christina. “We have so many people who work so hard to bring it all together. It is not a two person job.”

After being open in the Friendly Center for seven years and Winston Salem for five, the Hand and Stone spa has gathered about 5,300 members.

“We have some of the very best people in this industry working in our two stores,” said Eric. “This is a very high pace business. Our people in every case have really stepped up. We’re like all companies, we have some challenges that we have to get over but we keep moving forward and we absolutely have the best staff around and our numbers show it.

“We’d love to take credit for it and it sounds neat to take credit for it but the reality is that it’s the people that work for us and we wouldn’t be here without them. The service you get in our store is so incredible.”

The dedication to customer service at Hand and Stone has rewarded the company with seeing some of the same people for seven years.
“We have incredible therapists that know so much,” said Eric. “What surprises me about the skin care and massage side of what we do is how knowledgeable they are about the details of the human body.

“A lot of times we tell our staff that they are counting on you just like a doctor. If you feel like they need to come back two or three more times, you have to express that that’s the best treatment for them and that’s why we have so many returning people.”
Christiana and Eric plan to open up more spas in the future.

“Growth is number one,” said Christiana. “We can never say this is being done well enough, we always have to strive for better.”
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