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Local Talent: KariBear Beanies

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)


A new business has blossomed in the face of tragedy. Since sister, mother and daughter, Kari Underwood, passed away in 2012 from a car accident, her family has nursed a business of selling beanies. The beanies are for ponytails and buns to poke through the top of the hat.
“It started with my mom,” said Kristi Underwood-Darr, Kari’s older sister. “She started making these beanies and everybody loved them. She stopped working after my sister died and she takes care of my sister’s kids now. They live with her.”
Karolyn Harvey, the mother of Kristi and Kari, took up crocheting beanies as a way to cope with the sorrow of losing Kari. Eventually Harvey and Underwood-Darr decided to create KariBear Beanies.
“We came up with KariBear Beanies because her nickname was KariBear like the Care Bears because she was so sensitive growing up,” said Underwood-Darr.
KariBear Beanies is brand new with Underwood-Darr working on the marketing and Harvey crocheting the hats. Kari’s daughter, Alexa, is excited to have the business as a way to remember her mother.
“Alexa started crying whenever I showed her the logo and showed her the website,” said Underwood-Darr. “It wasn’t a sad cry, it was a happy cry.”
The greatest highlight Underwood-Darr has seen is in her mother.
“The biggest highlight is my mom having a little bit of comfort of having some income coming in,” she said. “It’s allowing her to do something for herself where she can make money and have income coming in.”
Harvey plans to put her profits into a savings account for Kari’s children, Kaleb and Alexa.
Learn more at the KariBear Beanie Facebook Page: or contact the business at